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Houston, Texas 77070

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Lunch Special

Shrimp Tacos

Hand-made corn tortillas folded over and filled with delicious grilled shrimp jicama relish and chipotle mayo. Served with refried black beans and fried rice.



Ceviche Lorena

Shrimp, fish, aguachile and octopus. Served with tostadas and Habanero sauce.


Bar Special

Vida Shot

Tequila, Special Michelada Sauce and your choice of seafood. Oyster, Shrimp or Octopus.

$5.99 ea.


When you want to enjoy great Mexican seafood dishes, Vida Mariscos is the place. Traditional and modern dishes are prepared fresh daily. There is a song that reads: "En el mar, la vida es mas sabrosa", something that could be translated as: "At the sea, life is, well... let's say tastier". At Vida Mariscos, life is tastier, fresher, better. Come and experience seafood at its best.